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Windsor 2 Metre Printed Wooden Parasol

The 2 metre Windsor wooden parasol is now available printed with your details or logo from just one unit. This high end wooden parasol is guaranteed to that touch of class to any establishment and comes with the following features:

•Double stitch pockets and edging to stop the parasol from fraying around the edge and help ensure the rib does not poke through the canopy over time.

•6 Oversized 17mm x 22mm FSC Eucalyptus Wood parasol ribs which add far more strength than standard size ribs. This also increases the life expectancy of the parasol and should ensure the ribs don't break if the wind picks up.

•Resin Hub and Runner. If parasols are made using wooden hubs and runners these parts can expand and contract in varying weather conditions and cease up around the centre pole of the parasol. By using resin hubs and runners colour matched to look identical to the wooden parts then you'll never have this problem.

•Stainless Steel fixtures and fittings throughout the parasol. This includes the pulley system and the screw cap located in the centre of the pole.

•1cm Thick anti-fray high quality pulley cord instead of the standard thin cord which normally frays within a matter of weeks.

•38mm 2 Piece Centre Pole allowing for easy storage when not in use.

•100% FSC Eucalyptus Wood construction throughout the parasol.

•Extended screw connector to ensure the parasol doesn't wobble in the middle. This also adds extra strength to the entire frame work and is actually a really key feature of the Windsor parasols.