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The Printed Walking Umbrella Collection

Premium Range walking umbrellas

Automatic Corporate Gents Walking Umbrella

High quality gents walking umbrella


Metro Auto opening umbrella

The stylish new metro  walking umbrella combines the latest fibreglass technology with a stylish design and auto opening...more


Spectrum Sports Medium Umbrella

Customisable sports umbrella - in a smaller, ladies size (61cm rib length, rather than the normal 75cm).  ...more


Fashion Umbrella

The classic walking length umbrella...more



Prices from 7.59 each Prices from 9.92 each Prices from 10.98 each Prices from 8.12 each

 Probrella Mini Umbrella  The highest quality walking sized umbrella in the UK

The Probrella Mini Umbrella now with fibreglass rib technology making this an outstanding golf umbrella...more


 Sheffield Sports Mini Umbrella 

 Amazing value high quality mini golf umbrella

Combining lightweight and durable storm proof performance at a highly competitive prices...more


Spectrum City Cub Umbrella

Traditional looking walking umbrella with the advantage of modern, carbon steel, storm proof ribs and a huge colour range. ...more


Auto City Classic Deluxe Umbrella


Prices from 10.94 each Prices from 9.20 each Prices from 10.56 each Prices from 7.59 each
Mid range walking umbrellas

Bedford Medium umbrella

With 69cm ribs and a full colour range, this umbrella is available with a made to order in the UK option ..more 


Susino Traveller Umbrella

With an Automatic opening, compact style ideal for travelling at an outstanding price to match ...more

Automatic Corporate Aluminium Walking Umbrella

The low cost automatic  opening unisex walking umbrella.. more


Auto Mini Golf Umbrella

.. more


Prices from 6.00 each Prices from 5.22 each Prices from 8.96 each Prices from 4.92 each

Trend Walking Umbrella




Prices from 4.89 each      
Budget range walking umbrellas

Susino Walker Umbrella

Great value walking length style umbrella...more

Super Budget Promotional Umbrella


Budget wood crook umbrella

Wooden framed walking umbrella with wooden crooked handle. Wooden tips ..more


Auto City Classic umbrella



Prices from 5.24 each Prices from 4.29 each Prices from 3.24 each Prices from 4.98 each
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