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Cheap Promotional Umbrellas- If you are looking for a source of cheap promotional umbrellas then look no further...

Budget golf umbrellas

Susino Golf Umbrella -The lowest cost Golf umbrella in the UK, min order just 25 units, 5 day turn around  ...more

Budget Golf Umbrella -Huge range from UK stocks

The Budget Golf umbrella is a full sized golf umbrella at a budget price, ideal for promotional use...more


86cm Susino golf fibre plus umbrella -The low cost fibreglass golf umbrella option...more



86cm Susino Golf Fibre Plus Vented Umbrella-The cheapest vented fibreglass golf umbrella option

Outstanding value vented fibreglass umbrella...more

Prices from  each

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Budget walking umbrellas

Susino Walker Umbrella

Great value walking length style umbrella...more

Super Budget Walking Umbrella

Budget priced umbrella. Walking size with straight handle.more


Budget wood crook umbrella

Wooden framed walking umbrella with wooden crooked handle. Wooden tips ..more

Prices from  each Prices from  each Prices from  each  

Budget telescopic umbrellas

Susino City Gents Umbrella

Traditional city gents style at an exceptional price...more

Supermini Telescopic Umbrella

Popular telescopic umbrella with light and durable aluminium frame and co-ordinating handle. 3 section manual opening. Available in a range of stock colours...more

Unisex folding umbrella

The Unisex folding umbrella has a practical sized canopy with a wooden handle, auto opening action frame and  contrasting sleeve..more


53cm Budget Aluminium Folding Telescopic Umbrella

The Lightweight budget folding telescopic umbrella is a three section umbrella ... more


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